Monday, 21 March 2011

Set me free from the shackles

I'm writing this post in anticipation of liberation from my blossoming 'career' as a waiter. I've got the hunger for climbing; hungrier than when I had all the time in the world and none of the urgency. Keen to make the most of every moment of free time that I get I nipped on the bus to Llanberis after an early finish, intent on a bit of soloing and a reccy at the routes up at Drws-y-Gwynt and over by Owain's Arete (I fancy a look at that if anyone's keen?). But to my disappointment I bumped into George, and had to settle for some trad on the Grochan and what felt like the first proper trad 6b action of the season (grit doesn't count), Ulrich gliding his way up the aptly named Pump and myself floating up the groove of Pus (feel free to ponder as to whether that's sarcasm or not). And it being pay day and all I went and indulged in some Pete's Eats grub and the Llamff after-party at the Fricsan, big in the game!

But after working full-time now for just a week I am even more content in being time-rich money-poor for the foreseeable future, and I'm stumped as to why people choose to devote their lives to working in pursuit of material wealth. Give me a bit of pocket money, a rack and ropes, food in my belly and feathers under my head and I will be content for at least a couple of weeks, before I decide I need to go to DWSing in Majorca and can't afford the flights. Can't wait for that trip in September!

But in the meantime I have some serious earning to do; my 10 days in Font and 14 in El Choro aren't gona pay for themselves! But that will be when pay day really comes for me. The day I get handed the wad of cash is almost trivial; only appreciated when the time comes to send the likes of Carnage/Eclipse/Noir Desir/any or all of the Big 4, or going for the flash attempt of Lourdes (might aswell have a bash, I'll hopefully be quite fit by then!)

But that's 3 and a half weeks into the future, and I'm stuck here in the present, travelling into the future at a meager 24 hours per day, which is much too slow to go doing breakless 9 hour shifts. I guess I'll just have to do what everyone else does for a bit; wait patiently and stop complaining. And get as fit and strong as possible while I wait.


  1. Same boat mate, same boat, surely you get a break in the afternoon when it's quiet??


  2. more of the same here mike! It's good to be hungry though, so work's good for one thing at least. I'm a few years on from you and remained stumped...